Murphy Brown Style Guide Episode 6

Murphy Brown Style Guide Episode 6

Written by Ashtyn Tardif

It's only fitting that we publish a style guide about an episode dedicated to the midterms on the day of voting for the midterms, right? Happy Voting Day Murphy Brown fans, let your voice be heard! 
On this episode of Murphy Brown guest star John Haggerty makes an appearance as a network star with Avery, and things get a little tense to say the least. In other news, Pat Patel makes his first on-air appearance on Murphy in the Morning and dons an outfit hilariously reminiscent of Miles everyday style. Additionally, Phyliss stops by the studio for the first time, leaving her usual bar stomping grounds, much to her glee. But much to our disdain, she claims that "voting doesn't make a difference" (don't listen to her, folks). The episode ends with a strong and important message from executive Diane English, meant to be heard by young and old people alike: "Elections have consequences. Vote.” 
Show up to the polls in style but at the very least, SHOW UP.

Murphy may have worn a bit of red, but you can bet she voted blue. Also, we received an email inquiring about a puffy champagne jacket Murphy wore in a later scene in this episode and for those curious, it's a Herno Beige Down Jacket.

 Corky came through representing her political party this episode! Anyone else feeling inspired to replicate this look for a visit to the polls? If so, take a photo and tag us, we would love to repost you!

Good ole' Frank, always looking dapper and polished.

Who doesn't love a man wearing a dash of pink?

How dapper does our usual leather jacket clad Wolf anchor look in this Burberry suit?!We'll let you take a wild guess as to which outfit Pat Patel did not approve of wearing. Hint: it's the one where there was only one patterned item of clothing.

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  • Loved the dress Tyne Daly wore in recent episode.Where did you buy it and how much?

    donna randall on
  • Nothing about Avery’s original red tie this episode?

    Leslie on

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