Asta Razma is a Chicago-based passion painter.
Influenced by an academic background in the medical sciences and a love for art, her subject matter reflects a fusion of contemporary pop imagery and energy of street art. Razma works with mixed media and a vibrant palette of color.
Her art career ignited after RED BULL selected her 3-D sculpture for their advertising campaign for ART of CAN in Chicago, placing her artwork on billboards, buildings and event postcards and invitations.
On December 11, 2017 Asta’s painting of TODAY show anchor Hoda Kotb was selected to be as one of KLG & Hoda’s “Favorite Things” segment, including an internet commercial for pet products.
Razma’s passion for painting pets has led her to creating one of a kind handpainted ARTfashion jackets, jumpsuits, eveningwear and accessories for celebrities in Los Angeles and NYC. 
Currently Razma splits her time between Santa Monica and Chicago, creating iconic themes of pop culture and continues to paint celebrity pets.