Jody Morlock

Painting on clothes was born out of Morlock’s love of recycling and reinventing garments and objects. “It is a mashup of two ideas.” She says. “Take something old and make it new. Paint, stitch, knit embellish and JUST PLAY.”
In a fashion industry which has become over saturated and homogenized, Morlock is on the cusp of a new era of reinvention, catering to a new demand for one-of-a-kind custom fashion ‘art’ pieces.
"Each of my garments are selected by me for their craftsmanship, design and are purchased through thrifting. Some are well known company’s or name designers and some are not. I can only hope the designers would be harmed with my collaboration and amused with the metamorphous.”
Jody Morlock lives and works in New York City.