Murphy Brown Style Guide Episode 2

Murphy Brown Style Guide Episode 2

Written by Ashtyn Tardif

The second episode of Murphy Brown's highly anticipated comeback aired this Thursday, October 4th on CBS and it's safe to say that the old Murphy is back and hitting the ground running.
On this episode, the gang concocts an elaborate plan to sneak into a White House press briefing where Murphy's son, Avery, is representing Wolf Network. He hopes to get called on by the press queen supreme herself- Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Claiming she has a "thing" for him, (same, Sarah, same) Avery is pretty confident about attending the press preview unbothered, as he knows Murphy has been banned for decades.
Long story short- Murphy becomes Collette, a french journalist with a questionable brunette wig and makes her way into the briefing where total chaos ensues. 
Watch the full episode here to catch all the drama from the last episode, but in the meantime, get your weekly dose of style from the cast with our second edition of Murphy Brown Style Guide, coming to you hot and fresh after each new episode. 
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Continuing her run of bold and structured pieces, Murphy's no nonsense attitude was slightly toned down by her cheery coral Armani power jacket. If you watched the episode, then you also got a glimpse of her navy and white printed drawstring pants, the perfect balance of comfy yet professional.
Yasss, Miss Corky came through with the color palette this episode! Natural and nude shades for the win! Also, anyone else drooling over those Creme Gianvitto Rossi boots?
Miles served a polished, professional look mixing a camel Brooks Brother's jacket with grey J.Crew wool pants. Take notes gentlemen, play around with your neutrals!
Frank brought the "refined business man who knows how to have fun" vibe with his serious, yet sharp Canali grey suit and John Varvatos collared shirt. The silk paisley tie quite literally ties the look all together with a fun twist.
Calling all 'Pod Save America' fans- this one is for you! Proving he's a trendy woke member of society, Avery paired his Pod Save America crew neck with a John Varvatos distressed leather jacket, letting everyone know he's cool, but professional.
If Corky brought the colors, Pat brought the patterns. Mixing his polka dot Comme Des Garcon's shirt with black and white pinstripe Topman pants, Pat become a social media style icon in the nerd community (not to be dramatic, or anything).
And that's it for this week's Murphy Brown style guide, as always if you have any questions about an outfit that we didn't cover please email Ashtyn, or DM us on Instagram!
If you're wondering where the other characters are, just you wait! As the season goes on, we will be covering style moments from exciting guest stars, Phyllis, and the newest character Miguel.

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