Scooter LaForge

In a city saturated with artists, few are recognized for their truly original aesthetic quite as much as Scooter LaForge. His style is recognizable and unique, a magnetic blend of nostalgic pop and cartoon imagery with a nihilistic punk execution, and a sense of humor.
This year, he will be participating in shows at the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York, Friedrichshof Museum in Vienna, and Spirit museum and Absolut Art Collection in Sweden, as well as presenting a solo show at the Howl Happening Gallery in New York.
LaForge has recently collaborated with Belgain designer Walter Van Bierendonck and Norwegian artist Bjame Melgaard, and was chosen to be a keynote speaker at the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival. He is a recent recipient of the Pollock-Kranser Foundation Award.
Scooter LaForge is currently in New York City.