Lara Padilla

Lara Padilla Lopez, lives and works between Madrid and E.E.U.U. She is a graduate in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain. In 2012, after a rewarding career in Spain, she decided to expand her horizon by traveling to US.  Before living in New York, she spent 6 months in Miami, Florida, which gave her the opportunity to improve her language skills and gain intimate appreciation of American culture.
She enriched her knowledge of audiovisual media and pursuing a post-grad degree in Direction of photography for cinematography in TAI School of Arts, Madrid, Spain. She also took classes in camera operation, Steadicam, digital postproduction and digital photography.
She believes that learning and learning in different ways means growth. Part of the learning process involves the use of multiple approaches and media including painting, photography, cinema, sculpture, among others, to express and develop her work, with each approach and medium determined by her precise study of the circumstance, the theme she is working on, the message that she wishes to convey, and what works most effectively.
 Lara Padilla lives and works in Spain.