Bring your Halloween costume idea to life and stand out from everyone else, with one-of-a-kind pieces, hand painted by our exclusive artists. Here are some of our favorite looks of this year, and how to create them.

COMIC BOOK COME TO LIFE - As an homage to an iconic artist, Roy Lichtenstein, we've created pop art perfection using custom painted leather jacket, jeans, and blazer by ThesePinkLips by Iris Bonner.

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU - A classic always rises above the rest; kinda like this timeless witch look, featuring hand made black jumpsuit by David Dalrymple, paired with a custom silicon drip neck collar by SSIK Designs.

PAIN IS BEAUTY - Who hasn't thought about a little nip & tuck? Unfortunately being shallow can also be painful, as evident by our plastic surgery victim, which we created using the infamous 'GLAMOUR HURTS' custom leather jacket by Hushi Mortezai (along with a purse full of percocet). Lookin good, girl!

 NO MORE CLOWNING AROUND - Is he happy to see you? Or luring you in for the kill? Either way, clowns are always creepy AF, and more popular than ever this year. Model Jamar Rogers is all smiles in, from left, printed tulle skirt (worn as a collar) by Ben Copperwheat, t-shirt, painted 'Happy Clown' dinner jacket, and baseball cap, all by Scooter LaForge.